Why is SEO so important for making money online?

Why is SEO so important for making money online?

When looking for ways to make money online learning SEO is a key factor. Why is SEO important for making money online? Starting with SEO will allow to you enact a money generation process with very little cost. 

Advertisement or traffic generation is what will increase your earnings. Buying traffic can be very expensive early in the make money online process. Paid traffic generation has its own learning curve that require both time and money. Learning to do some SEO basics will get you a foot into the digital space as well as benefit you in the long run.

Why is SEO so importantWhere do you start in the SEO process?

Content is the first place you would start in learning SEO technique that will be the foundation of SEO. Google like high quality content and it prioritize this type of content to the top of the page rankings. Putting out high quality content will always out preform any black hat SEO methods for long term success of your website.

What is high quality content? Spending the time to write good keyword rich articles, no curated content. Unique content, that’s in your personal voice is the best. No, spinners, article generators, using content that others have use. Make the content yours.

You want a mix of micro articles 300-500 words, to informative articles 750-1200 words, and instructive articles 2000-3000 words. Having a good word count will show google that a real person is creating the content and goole likes this.

Back link building.

Backlink building is another top priority in the SEO process. The key to building backlinks is you want quality backlinks over quantity. Leon clean white hat back link methods and focus on those. Im not saying black hat back linking methods are not useful but if you’re just learn SEO they will be more harmful than good. 

Don’t just span your links across the internet, build relationships with other content creators. Learn what your audience likes and where they good to get the content they want. If you are placing your link to every platform you can this could send red flags to google. Stay in the places where the other people in you niche hang out, if it an’t broke don’t fix it. 

How SEO and paid traffic work together?

Unless you have a big budget to start you want to limit how much paid traffic you use. However paid traffic does have big returns on investment if done correctly. Each traffic  will differ on the audience and niche. It cost you no money to get a good foundation on SEO traffic and combining this with paid traffic yield you the best results.

everyone thats in marketing wants to have low investment and high returns. How do you lower you cost of advertisement is by have free traffic coming to your website. Having more free traffic vs. paid traffic will maximize your profits. Learn to do both in your marketing and you will see success. 

Why do you need SEO.

Paid traffic can be the quickest way to list building, website clicks and sales. Learning how you maximize your budget will be the challenge. Why do you need SEO? As you spend the time learning paid side of traffic generation you can still acquire a solid amount of free traffic. 

We all love free stuff. Free traffic that converts to sales have the highest returns on investment. Having a tool bag of marketing abilities will be your biggest weapon. SEO isn’t going anywhere and with google being the driving force in search engines you need to Learn SEO.

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