What is SEO? Where to start?

What is SEO? Where to start?

What is SEOWhat is SEO where to start? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Or in laymen’s terms how easy it is for google and other search engines to find your website. Search engines search the web for web pages to index them for their web archive.

The key to SEO and indexing is to optimize your content to make search engine want to show your website higher in the search. This is important to understand because the top 3 results where searching the web will get 70% of the traffic of the keyword search. The biggest factor to getting your website rank highest is relevance. 

Google Ranking Factors

Google uses over 200 factors to decide what would be relevant in the algorithm, but don’t worry you don’t need to attempt to master all these factors. You only need to focus on a few of these factors to increase you search odds. In addition to relevance usefulness is critical. Think about when you do a search, and if the information was easy or difficult to find. Did you stay on that page, or did you click the back button and continue searching?

There are two main ways to improve your SEO on your website. On-page SEO , and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is telling the readers and google your page has everything their looking for. 

On-Site SEO is easier because you have all the control to change things to improve the optimization. Thing like Keywords, internal-links, images. Learning how the effetely use this will boost your site search index as soon as any changes are done. 

Off-Page SEO is you making sure you have you website and articles  posts in a variety of places linking back to your website, this is also call Back-Linking. Off-Page SEO is a little more out of your control is relay more on people trusting what you are sharing in order to get people to click your links. This does not have the same immediate effect as On-page SEO but it does have a massive long-term effect of driving traffic as your backlinks age. 

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