How to start monetizing a Blog or Website?

How to start monetizing a Blog or Website?

Want to learn how to start monetize a blog or website? Creating a website or blog is one of the ways to start making extra money online. Without have a massive budget or knowledge in marketing or SEO. Here are some simple ways to start monetizing your blog. Learning this will make creating new content something you want to do and not something you have to do. 

How to start monetizing a Blog or Website?Google Adsense

Google Adsense will get you started in monetizing your website. This allows website that generates traffic, to partner with google in showing ads on your website or blog. Google will pay for that virtual real estate space. Think of it like a billboard, we them every day in all cities. Advertisers pay to display their ads on those billboard, and it works the same way online. This is a great way to start generating income that grows over time without have sales skills, products, or services for sale.

Getting approval for Adsense can be a little tricky so here are to tips to help get your website approved. 1st only have unique articles and content on your website before applying. This is the most important part to applying for Google Adsense and approval. Google does not like copied or duplicate content that some else has writing. This doesn’t mean you can write about the same topic that someone wrote. This means that google algorithm will scan  your website to see if you are using someone else are on your site as your own. DO NOT you other people’s articles, this is a sure way to being rejected and wasting any work put to starting your blog or website.

On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

Learning what, On Page optimization and Off Page optimization is and how it helps with getting approval with Google. A quick summary of On Page Optimization is use of  “Keywords” and  effectively using them in your writing. Keywords are the groups of words that help with organic traffic in search engines. Off Page Optimization is setting up your website or blog to allow search engines to freely scan you website and to track if the content is original. 

Optimization requires a time investment or capital, you only need a basic understanding to get your page approved by google. Don’t let the learning of Optimization stop you from the basic setup because a little optimization can go a long way.              

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a staple of making money online. Leveraging your websites traffic is a great way to monetize your website. Affiliated Marketing is simply selling digital or physical products of a commission of the sale. These products have already been created by someone and theres no need for product creation.

In the case of a website or blog digital product will be the primary item you will be promoting. Connecting sellers and buyers is the essen of Affiliate Marketing and begin and digital middle man or woman is how you make money. This is a great model on How to start monetize a blog or website.

Membership Sites

Membership Site are a great way to use your blog or website to create a passive way of generating monthly income. A monthly membership fee is charge each month and clients opt to pay the fee for access. Membership site can be lucrative and difficult to for some new websites or blog but with a long term plan and the right niche its a great way to making money online.

When looking to start a membership website a key factor to have would be product exclusive. Having something to sell or present that would be difficult to find is how you maximize the growth of a membership site. Membership site should have a free access point in the early stages. Once the website reaches a traffic threshold then it would be the peak time to convert to a membership base. Create something that can only be access by paying and keep all original free content free. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the grandad of making money online.  Using your website to capture an email will allow you to maximize your ability you make money with any other online method. Having an email list creates a targeted marketing campaign. This will only have 1 cost of acquisition and you can market to this group as long as they remain on your email list. 

List Building will allow you to create life time customers and sell any product you have or can create in the future. Building a strong relationship with your email subscribers will be like printing money in the future. Email marketing is unlimited, building a list from 1,000-1,000,000 subscribers can generate money every day with little to no restriction to what you can sale.

There are many ways of using your blog or website to make money. This post is to just point you in a direction so you won’t feel totally lost before you can start the monihtazation. Start collecting Email as soon as you can from the earliest start of the blog. Taking as much time to learn about list building and getting emails early will lead to long term success.      

Direct Products

One of the most profitable ways of monetizing your blog or website is creating your own product. This could be a digital product or a physical product. Creating a digital product can be made once and sold forever. This is a major way for others that does digital marketing online to make money.

If you are a creative person and you have physical product for sale, have a website is a great way to create a customer brand. Branding is a cornerstone of sales, and anyone that works in the creative field will need a website to reach a bigger audience. Learning to add a digital presents will be powerful in increasing sales. The vast number of way on how to start monetize a blog or website are not all covered here. You can mix and match how you want to make money with your website. 

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