Blogging as a Career? Get started today.

Blogging as a Career? Get started today.

Want to start blogging as a career? Looking to Start a blog or website can be a large or small task. Here are some basic guidelines to help streamline to process. know what type of blog you want to start. Choosing a blog topic that you will enjoy spending your time creating content is one of the key things when starting a blog. Blog creators spend the vast amount of time in the early stages of the blog creating unique content that will be the foundation of there online restate. 

Knowing what platform you will be using to create you unique blog and content. There are a variety of options and platform types to get started. Some host sites work better than others and knowing which blog host site will work for you and your needs is very important in saving time and money. Here are a few etc. of places to start blogging, WordPress, Tumblr, Reddit, Medium. 

Getting your blog name and domain selected after settling on where to start your blog will be the next step in the process. A website name is critical of online identity and branding. Taking the time to choose the name of your blog and checking the availability of the domain name before your start writing is crucial. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a site name planing out the content you want to populate for your site, just to find out the cool name you want isn’t available. So create 3-4 name option what you like.

Blogging as a Career? Get started today.

Why Content is King?

Not only is content the most important part of your blog for you audience, its key for SEO and generating traffic to your website organically. As you continue your online experience and increase your website knowledge, understanding Search Engine Optimization will blast your blog to the top of search engines and more readers.

Creating your own unique voice for your readers is how you will improve your blog’s identity and online authority. When starting your blog you will spend the vast amount of your time creating content to populate your website. Thinking and planing ahead will make the writing process easier and less stressful. Creating new articles for your readers daily can be a dotting task so, creating and weekly article schedule this will help, massively early in the blogging process. 

Do not burn yourself out trying to upload articles every day, its best to spend you time writing and stockpile of articles before going live with your website. This will allow you to make a strict schedule for when you upload, and allow you a nice stress free start to your blogging career. Measure twice and cut once is the trick when starting. I advise you create 10-15 unique articles 500-1000 words each, this will power start the SEO with your website.   

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint.

Taking your time to lay the foundation before your blog goes live will be a big deal in carrying the life of your blog and your motivation to work the website. Don’t put mega time frames and expectation on you and your website to reach when starting. 

Your timeline is YOUR timeline and understanding whats the best approach for you will be the last key to the success or failure of your website. Create something you can be passion about, Take your time, plan as much and you can, and keep learning. These are the tools I’ve found to be whats needed to create and run a successful website.  

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