4 Strategies to Digital Marketing for Beginners.

4 Strategies to Digital Marketing for Beginners.

Digital marketing strategies for beginners.

Here are 4 strategies to digital marketing for beginners. The first thing you should take to heart is, don’t trying them all at once. Pick only 1 strategy experiment and get a mastery of the strategy before looking to implement another. Learn the mindset of today’s consumer, people want information before they buy. Be sure to add value and solve a problem before looking to pitch a sales offer.

Blogging with SEO in Mind.

Blogging with a SEO focus in your content creation. On-Site SEO is extremely important when you are looking to maximize your reach and drive traffic to your blog or website. Pick a group of long tail keywords with low competition and try to use them throughout you work. Be careful, because new content creator then to saturate their articles with keywords breaking the coherent flow of the article and the information you might be trying to give.

4 Strategies to Digital Marketing for Beginners.

Invest in Video Content.

Looking to start video content, there no better place to start then YouTube. Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind google. Getting index and link juice with you videos will be a big boost earlier on in your online career. Take some time to learn video creation and editing. You don’t need to be a top notch video editor when starting but over time you will progress and have the video content experience will be a major help as you start have success.

Social Media Marketing.

What’s really important when using social media marketing is to just pick 1 platform you want to market with and Master it before looking to add another site. One of the pitfalls beginners all fall for is try to conquer social media marketing, all at the same time. Don’t let this be you. You can save a lot of time and frustration if you pick 1 platform and work the audience for that platform. Each platform audience consume the content differently. Its not a 1 size fit all in social marketing so what might work for Facebook might not work for Instagram. Do some reach and find which platform would work best for your content and what wouldn’t. 

Email Marketing

When starting out email marketing will be one of the staples in building your own personal audience that you have control. For example, social media marketing is great but the followers that follow you are not your assets, their the assets of the platform your using. At any point you could lose access to your social media page or account and because Facebook,twitter, or youtube can change their terms of service anytime they want.So having a email list will allow you to have full control of the valuable list of true followers, that is your email list.

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